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The Wish
The Wish
If I had a wish,
What would I do
Would I use it for me or would I give it to you
Would I change the world and hope the best
Or would I change my own destiny and to hell with the rest
Would I go back in time and make things right
Or would I seek out my enimies and turn their days into nights
Would I choose always the good and never the bad
Or would I choose to have all that I never had
Some things are good
Some things are not
I should be thankful for what I've got
I should look back on my life's little lessons
And strive to remember what I forgot
Those times of great joy and also burdensome sorrows
For these are the things that will shape my tomorrows.
A wish is only a wanting
A deep heartfelt request
Born from the soul
Deep within one's chest
But a wish alone cannot carry the day
I have to move forward come what may
So what is my wish
You say you want to know?
I shall reveal my wish
Then I'll go
I wish for those things that money cannot attain
The courage to try and try and tr
:iconmiss-missy:Miss-Missy 0 0
Come Home for Christmas
Come Home for Christmas
Come home to me for Christmas
Come home - you're long overdue
But the home fires have never stopped blazzing
For you, my love , for you.
The tree is aglow with colored lights
The silver tinsel shimmers
And at the top to guide you home
A beacon star now glimmers.
The house is decked with holly
A wreath hangs on the door
But for me it won't be Christmas
Unless I'm in your arms once more.
I'm counting on that for Christmas
Not some gift beneath the tree
There's nothing in this world I want
Except having you back with me.
I don't have a red carpet to spread for you
I can't greet you with drum and fife
I only have wide -open arms and heart-
Come home and relight my life.
Melissa J Hamilton
Copyright ©2005 Melissa J Hamilton
:iconmiss-missy:Miss-Missy 0 0
Holiday Laughter
Holiday Laughter
You're the Holiday Laughter
The magic of snow
The fun of a Sleigh Ride
And Lights all aglow.
You're the Best part of Christmas
The meaning of Bliss,
The Shiver of Delight
From a Mistletoe Kiss.
You're the Warmth of a Fire
And stars twinkling above
You're my Pillow of Comfort
And Blanket of Love.
You're my reason to celebrate
The Holiday Cheer
You're the Love that is Christmas
Each Day of the year!
Melissa J Hamilton
Copyright ©2005 Melissa J Hamilton
:iconmiss-missy:Miss-Missy 0 0
Your Happiness
Your Happiness
I wish that I could chase away
Each thought that makes you sad
And fill your heart with lovely things
To make your spirit glad.
The sweet song of a wild bird
The softness of our first shy kiss,
So many days ago
The silver circle of the moon
Against black- velvet skies
A little girls enchanting smile
Her sparkling dark- brown eyes
The music of a symphony-
The brass - The violins-
The gurgle of a babies laugh
The satin of her skin.
I'd weave them in a magic spell
And wish on stars above
To fill your life with happiness
Just because
Your the man I love
Melissa J Hamilton
Copyright ©2005 Melissa J Hamilton
:iconmiss-missy:Miss-Missy 0 0
Whenever You Are near Me
Whenever You Are near Me
Whenever you are near me,
Magic fills the air,
Flutters swiftly over my skin,
Making all my senses aware.
In the midst of a crowd of people
I suddenly feel your eyes,
Searching , seeking , finding me.
From across the room they mesmerize.
Just the sound of your voice
Or your deep-toned laugh
And I instantly have your image,
Clearer then a photograph.
Then in that momment, I see you.
My pulses start to drum,
My heart begins to leap about,
My entire body seems to hum.
But , ah, Love
When you touch me,
Sensations flood my very soul,
For only when I am in your arms
Am I completely whole.
Melissa J Hamilton
Copyright ©2005 Melissa J Hamilton
:iconmiss-missy:Miss-Missy 0 0
If dreams became reality,
You'd be with me today;
You'd promise love that wouldt end;
You'd never go away.
If wanting you would win your love,
You'd be here by my side;
Your eyes would blaze with loving thoughts
That could not be denied.
If needing you could make you mine,
My lips would feel your kiss;
Your arms would hold me close to you;
My heart would fill with bliss.
But dreaming, wanting, needing you
Are not enough , it seems;
Your love will be forever mine;
But only in my dreams.
Melissa J Hamilton
Copyright ©2005 Melissa J Hamilton
:iconmiss-missy:Miss-Missy 0 0

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My New Niece was born while I was doing the first Disney (Pooh and Friends)
Thought I would share a picture of her


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